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Book Club Discussion Points


1.      Willie’s death left Celeste with a dream of their life together. How do you think their relationship would have developed had he lived?

2.      The circumstances of Celeste’s life changed. How do you think that these external forces influenced the person Celeste became?

3.      How did Celeste’s relationship with her family of origin (George, Annie, Eva) inform her world view?

4.      How would you describe the relationship between Clara and Celeste?

5.      Celeste seemed to find a mother-figure in Mrs. Bellingstone. How did this influence Celeste’s decisions?

6.      Do you think that Celeste loved Karl??

7.      Motherhood was not one of Celeste’s strengths. How did this affect her relationship with her son? With Clara?

8.      Did Billy choose a woman like his mother?

9.      Celeste was proud to be a working girl, on her own. What life lessons did she learn?

10.  If Celeste lived in the 21st Century, how different do you think her life would be? Have things changed?